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Your next escape-cation
on your terms, on your schedule

As Kentucky's only concierge paddleboard rental company, we save you from boredom

Escape  •  Relax  •  Unwind

We believe the prescription for a busy life is a fun day on the water. 


Do any of these
sound like you?


Stressed to meet deadlines at work

Feeling the pressure to get away but want to stay local

Always on someone else’s time clock

You’re stuck in the same old routine

You want freedom to go where you want when you want


You deserve a fun day on the water. Any flat water. You choose.

Save time

With online booking, you won't be standing in a line to reserve your SUP.   
We believe your time is better spent on the water.


An adventure in your backyard.

Enjoy more in Kentucky than bourbon and horse racing (we love those too). Did you know Kentucky has more shoreline than the state of Michigan? It’s true. 


Un-stress your life

There's nothing more relaxing than a day on the water. Sprinkle in a couple waterfalls and you've got heaven.

On your terms, on your schedule

You can be on the water in just 4 steps:


1. Reserve your inflatable SUP


2. Sign the waiver and rental agreement


3. We drop the SUP off at your door step


4. Enjoy your escape-cation!

Simple, stress free fun on the water

We are Kentucky’s only concierge paddleboard rental company and we got our start in outdoor recreation in 2005, so we know what we’re doing. Also, our fearless leader has her doctorate in Mechanical Engineering, which has nothing to do with paddleboarding, but you know we’re not dummies. 

There are many demands for your time, your focus, and your best work. It's time to escape and discover Kentucky by Paddle and, perhaps, rediscover you, too.

Our promise to you:

You’ll spend your day on the water on high quality inflatable SUPs

The scheduling process is easy

We’ll drop the board anywhere you want it within a 25 mile radius of Lexington

You’ll discover hidden gems in Kentucky

You will love the new version of "board meeting"


Is paddle boarding right for me?

If you’ve never been paddleboarding, it can be intimidating. Here’s some frequently asked questions that might give you the courage to try something new! 

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Life’s a conversation, let’s talk

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